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2nd Fast Track dan Kinerja Proyek Kelistrikan Nasional 2009-2018

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Specification:Until now the condition of electric energy procurement in some sub-system of national electricity is still deficit, during 2008, turn off often occurred in all coverage of PLN services, including in the Java Bali interconnection system, which was reported in normal condition.

It is predicted that without additional power, in 2008, Java Bali Interconnection System would be hit by the crisis when the power reserve was only about 27% . If it is only relying on the additional power from the on-going and committed project, in 2010P, the power reserve is predicted about 14% . While the proper minimum power reserve of the electricity system reliability is about 30% up to 40% . Likewise, the Sumatera Interconnection System, without additional power from the new generator, in 2008, the power reserve would only about 14% .

The crisis condition would still continue if the 44 IPP projects that has working contract, could not be realized, such as 24 partnership project lots ( 1, 100 MW) , 16 electricity crisis tackling projects lots ( 776 MW) , and 4 Infrastructure Summit project lots ( RUPTL 2006-2015/ changes) .

Since the beginning of the 90' s, the government and PLN have opened opportunities for the private sectors to participate in the development of national electricity infrastructure. But the ratio of success for some IPP projects, either for Generation I ( 1992-1998 periods) or for Generation II ( 2005-2008 period) was still considered low.

PT PLN ( Persero) as the executor and the coordinator of Acceleration Program of Coal Powered Steam Electric Generator ( PLTU) 10, 000 MW ( Crash Program) , has a purpose of fulfilling the high growth of electric energy needs, energy diversification that impacted on the saving of production prime cost, and as a replacement of retired and unproductive electric generators. All coal PLTU in the project packages has total capacity of 9, 475 MW, covering 40 project locations all over Indonesia, consisted of 10 locations in Java with capacity of 7, 460 MW, and 30 locations outside Java with capacity of 2, 513 MW.

The level of electric energy in the next decade is averagely 9.7% ( RUPTL 2009-2018) , while the additional power from some crash program generators are expected to be entirely absorbed by the end of 2011.

To secure the electric energy supply until 2018, there should be additional power about 57, 500 MW or 5, 750 MW per year. In 2009, it is planned some new generator projects, 35.3 GW would be build by PLN and the other 22.2 GW would be given to the IPP. During the next ten years, IPP is directed to be more beneficial when the contribution reaches 40% of the total national electric energy supply.

It seems that during the next ten years ( 2009-2018) , there is a business opportunity and investment in electricity in Indonesia that would reach a total value of US$ 83.69 billion, covering the generator needs of US$ 56.57 billion, transmission US$ 14.10 billion, and distribution US$ 12.38 billion.

Towards the end of 2008, the government has determined phase II electricity project program of 10, 000 MW with total capacity of 10, 126 MW, which
some of the generator with capacity of 5, 394 MW would be developed by PLN, and the other 4, 732 MW by the Independent Power Producer ( IPP) .

By discussing the national electricity issues, including the progress of 10, 000 MW project phase I and II, and the other electricity infrastructure development projects, enriched with the prospect of coal and geothermal resources in Indonesia, as well as the acceleration of the implementation of the energy diversification policy, made this study book very useful for the electricity business players, including PLN, and other involved corporations, as well as domestic and international financing institutions.

This study is prepared as thick as 400 pages, we offered at Rp 5, 500, 000 ( Five million five hundred thousand Rupiah) per copy for the Indonesian version, or at US$ 800 ( Eight hundred US Dollar) per copy for the English version. The interested party could directly contact PT Media Data Riset through telephone number 021-8093140, mobile phone: 085217061945 or through e-mail: info@ mediadata.co.id / mediadatariset@ yahoo.com

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