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Media Data Riset - Survey and Research Services
PT. MEDIA DATA RISET is Indonesia Consulting Company. This Company is supported by manpowers, which have expertise in

several fields that has experience in researches, studies, publication, and advertising.

The main competence of PT MEDIA DATA RISET is to issue study books covering the fields of:
Industry, Mining, Health, Environmental, Energy, Agriculture, Fishery, and Farming, Forestry, or Other fields based on

Customer order.

Other competence of PT. MEDIA DATA RISET is consulting and survey, which covered:
Pre-investment study ( project planning and design) ;
Supervision of project implementation;
Monitoring of industries production and distribution;
Development system of information and telecommunication,
Socio-economic, agro industry and agribusiness, environmental, and industrial research and study.

Following the Globalization of Information development, PT. MEDIA DATA RISET launches a subscription website by providing

accurate, actual, comprehensive and continuous data in superior industry field.

In its existence, PT. MEDIA DATA RISET tries to give the best services for their clients and customers, which are from

private industrial sectors, government institutions, government, and domestic and overseas donor institutions.

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